Turbine Analysis

Monitoring in-service turbine oil condition for deterioration and degradation can significantly extend the life of both the lubricant and the turbine.

The key to efficient turbine maintenance is routine monitoring of the oil, which ensures that decisions involving the turbine, including scheduling of oil changes and other maintenance are based on what is actually happening inside the unit. Routine and in-depth monitoring can provide warning signs early enough to take corrective action. Oxidation, thermal degradation, and the formation of Varnish are a few of the biggest threats that should be routinely monitored.

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Spectrometric Analysis Modified D5185 & D4951
Viscosity D445
Acid Number D974
Particle Count or Ferrous Debris Analysis ISO4406
Karl Fischer Water D6304
Foaming D892  
Water Separability D1401  
RPVOT D2272  
Color D1500  
Rust D665  
Copper Strip D130  
RULER D6971  
Varnish by MPC D7843  

Additional Tests Include: Air Release (D3427), Analytical Ferrography, Density, Flash Point (D92), Pour Point (D97), Turbine Oil Compatibility (D7155), Ultra Centrifuge

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