Transformer Analysis

Transformer oil needs to be tested periodically to ensure that it is still fit for continued use because the oil will deteriorate over time. Testing sequences and procedures are defined by various international standards, many of them set by ASTM and IEEE.

Testing consists of measuring breakdown voltage and other physical and chemical properties of the oil within the system,

Below is a listing of tests and typical packages offered.





Acid Number D974
Dielectric Strength D877 / D1816
Dissolved Gas D3612
Interfacial Tension D971
Karl Fischer Water D1533
Oxidation Inhibitor DBPC & DBP D4768
Specific Gravity D1298
Power Factor 25/100C D924
Visual/Color D1524

Additional Tests Include: Corrosive Sulfur (D1275B), Fire Point (D92), Flash Point (D92), Furan Analysis (D5837), Particle Count (ISO 4406), PCB Detection (D4059), Spectrometric Analysis (Modified D5185 & D4951), Viscosity (D445)