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Who We Are

R&G Laboratories provides an experienced, quality-oriented, and cost-effective solution for your oil analysis needs. Our full service laboratory provides a wide range of tests on oil, grease, coolants, fuel, and transformer oil. We also maintain a radioactive materials license with the State of Florida, which allows us to process and dispose of radioactive contaminated lubricants.

We support our clients with quick, accurate, and concisely reported interpretations of data. Recommended actions are included with every sample tested and electronic data transfer is available in various formats.

Our analysis allows you to monitor the condition of the machine and lubricant. A variety of testing options will give you the information you need to see what is happening inside your equipment. Mechanical problems such as misalignment and bearing wear can be detected through our analysis. We can identify specific contaminants and suggest possible sources of contamination.

R&G Laboratories is committed to ensuring our customers receive dependable condition monitoring test solutions and training.

Our Values

R&G Laboratories was created on the foundation that individual responsibility and personal involvement ensures success. Our corporate and individual growth is dependent on our ability to meet our customer's needs. Our goal is to help our customers work more efficiently and effectively within an environment of shrinking resources.

R&G provides leadership and expertise in modern maintenance practices. We will help our customers accomplish their goals by monitoring the health and condition of equipment and lubricants with our state of the art lubricant analysis. Our promise is an unyielding commitment to the highest professional standards of integrity, quality, performance, and service. We vow to deliver these services through our family of employees and representatives who are dedicated to maintaining valuable personal relationships with each and every company we serve.

Customer satisfaction is not just part of our business, it is our only business.

  • R&G Laboratories has a full service, state of the art laboratory that can provide an effective solution for your analysis needs:

    • Routine Lubricant Analysis
    • Fuel, Coolant, Grease, and Transformer Testing Options
    • Turbine Testing - RULER, RPVOT, and Varnish
  • R&G Laboratories is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and maintains a radioactive materials license. Also, R&G Laboratories operates under the 10-CFR-50 Appendix B Quality Control and Assurance Program. This ensures that our customers get accurate, dependable results on every report.

  • R&G Laboratories offers a wide range of reporting options:

    • E-mail
    • OASIS Software
    • Basic Web Results
    • Premium Web Results
    • Other Formats Available

  • R&G Laboratories offers the full line of Oil Safe, Des-Case, and CheckFluid Products to compliment your lubricant analysis program.