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Grease Storage, Handling & Identification

GREASE SAFE improves workplace organization and productivity by making the transportation and storage of both new and used grease cartridges easy, clean, and safe.

  • Protects grease cartridges from contamination, weather, and accidental damage
  • Eliminates the frustration of trying to locate grease cartridges when needed
  • Enables clean, safe return of used cartridges from site
  • Improves OSHA compliance
  • Minimizes spillage and waste
  • Transport cartridges, easily on-site and in vehicles, with the CARTRIDGE CADDY 6-pack
  • Provide superior work place organization with the wall mounted CARTRIDGE RACK

GreaseSafe Caddy
GreaseSafe Caddy with Cartridges
GreaseSafe Cartridge Rack
GreaseSafe Cartridge Tube Hanging Hook
GreaseSafe Lever Grease Gun - Heavy Duty