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Reliable Sampling Anytime

R&G Laboratories offers the full line of CheckFluid products that cost effectively reduces sampling time while ensuing a more accurate, reliable sampling process.

  • Accurate samples - Sample taken from the same location, avoids misleading reports, and sample retakes
  • Faster sampling - Sample faster while the equipment is running
  • Cleaner sampling - Cleaner than drain or dipstick methods, avoids opening the system to external contamination, air, and moisture
  • Safer sampling - Avoid spilling hot oil over hands, equipment, or into the environment
  • Cost effective - low cost per sample, uses less tubing, and reduces tubing disposal cost
  • Ergonomic - Safer and easier for the sample taker
CheckFluid M16 Valve
CheckFluid KP Valve valve
CheckFluid SVP500 K Probe
CheckFluid VHKF Microhose
CheckFluid KP Pushbutton Valve
CheckFluid LT5 Tube