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Question: I'm a first time customer and would like to send in samples, how do I do this?

Answer: Visit our Getting Started page where you can find instructions and other helpful information to get your program going.

Question: How much oil do I need to send in for my analysis?

Answer: The amount of oil needed depends on the testing required. For routine testing, 4 ounces (oz) should be sufficient. If you require more specialized testing, additional sample may be required. Please contact us for additional information on sample volume.

Question: How long will it take to get my results?

Answer: Most results are available 24-48 hours after we receive your samples. Certain testing can take longer due to the nature of the testing. Please contact us if you need specific information about testing times.

Question: What information do I need to submit with my samples?

Answer: Providing correct information is critical to successful oil analysis. At the very minimum, the identification of the unit being tested should be provided. Utilize our Oil Sample Setup Form to properly identify the samples being tested. Please fill out as much of the form as possible.

Question: What are the most common oil analysis tests?

Answer: The most common oil analysis tests are:

Elemental Analysis

Water Percent


Acid Number

Base Number

Particle Count

Visit our Services page to learn about these tests and our other test offerings.