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Customer Service

R&G Laboratories strives to provide excellent customer service. We believe that connecting with our customers is key to helping them with their problems and/or concerns.

Reporting Options

Choosing the right reporting option for your program is an important step. We provide multiple formats, from the simple to more complex.

Complimentary Analysis

R&G Laboratories will provide you with two complimentary wear particle analyses per plant. Please follow the instructions to obtain your free analysis.


R&G Laboratories is always available for our customers, from a simple request to extreme emergency support. You can count on us to be there when you need us the most.


  • Innovative, practical, and durable, OIL SAFE lubricant transfer containers are the global standard of choice for industry, having proven themselves as extremely reliable and critical to best practice lubrication programs for well over a decade.

  • Des-Case products control contamination, while maintaining equipment cleanliness. Des-Case products include state of the art breathers and customized filtration units that work in various applications and operating environments.

    • Standard Desiccant Breathers
    • Hybrid Breathers
    • Extreme Duty Breathers
    • Fluid Filtration Units
  • R&G Laboratories offers the full line of CheckFluid products that cost effectively reduces sampling time while ensuing a more accurate, reliable sampling process.

    • Sampling Tubes
    • Sampling Valves
    • Push Button Valves
    • Probe Adapters
  • We carry a full line of sampling supplies and equipment that make taking samples easier, accurate, and faster.

    • Sample Pumps
    • Tubing
    • Wide Selection of Bottles
    • Oil Analysis Kits
    • GREASE SAFE is the innovative, professional solution for grease cartridge storage and handling. Simple, reliable, and durable,
    • LABEL SAFE is the only industrial grade labeling system in the world that enables accurate lubricant identification from bulk storage to the point of use.